Our Process

Following a proven step by step process to move your project from initiation to completion

Design 360 and Design Lite Services follow steps 1-7

Project Initiation Phase Consultation fee is paid in advance of the meeting

STEP 1 Consultation 

STEP 2 Contract, Deposit & Project Commencement

Research, Design, Presentation Phase

A flat fee project requires a 50% deposit at signing. Hourly projects require a 20 hour retainer. Invoices sent at the end of each month and due within 5 days to avoid a 5% late fee.

STEP 3 Kick-off: on-site measurements, photos and final criteria meeting; meeting with trades where relevant to begin budget process

STEP 4 Floor Plans & Mood Boards: Furniture / renovation layouts; concept

STEP 5 Design Direction Approval: Includes initial presentation and refinements to arrive at final concept

STEP 6 Design & Documentation: execution of drawings, sourcing goods and

services, procuring estimates

Pay 40% balance before presentation

STEP 7 Final Design Presentation:  

visual display of furnishings and materials; presentation of estimates and collection of deposit for purchasing

(also includes 3D renderings for Design 360 services)

Final revision included in step 7

Pay final 10% balance once revisions have been delivered

Project Oversite and Implementation Phase

Design 360 ONLY

At the presentation, a deposit is collected for all approved furnishings and materials so we can start creating orders the next business day.

STEP 8 Order Placement: assessment of delivery lead-times

STEP 9 Construction / painting (if applicable): onsite meeting / management of tradespeople

STEP 10 Installation & Styling: Furniture is delivered and placed, accessories purchased and styled, photographs for AFD taken.

STEP 11 Client Reveal

STEP 12 Thank you & Project Completion: Deficiencies identified and resolved, presentation of final invoices and client binder

5% of all project fees is added at the end  to account for admin cost so we do not have to bill for communication and administrative duties individually.

Time sheets and logs are kept for each project and available within 24 hours of receiving your invoice.



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