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Amelia Fiduccia Design is a full-service interior design studio specializing in collaborative design solutions to beautifully create transformational homes

Blue and White Kitchen
Kirkland Kitchen
Tween Bedroom
Kirkland Nursery
Home Office, Bothell
Shared Boys Room, Kirkland
Lake Forest Park, Kitchen
Boy's room reading and meditating nook

I’m already feeling proud of my house and it’s not even close to the awesomeness that the finished product will be

:) Thank you!!

Design lite client, Cindy, Bellevue, WA

Our Projects

Our gallery is a mix of finished projects, projects in process, rendered design packages and concept boards


Traditional Blue and White Kitchen

Traditional details with pops of blue

Open concept kitchen

Design rendering

Home Office, Bothell

Office and gathering space

Shared Boys Room, Kirkland

A Tranquil space that ignites wonder and peace

Small Room Design

Small Bedroom with Big Storage Inspired by Peacocks

 Porch Refresh

Carefree, Elegant and Colorful Porch to Unwind

Boy's Nursery

Fun and Colorful Nursery

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